Singing in Finnish. A Manual for Singers and Vocal Coaches, by EugeneHolman, with Gustav Djupsjöbacka and Donald Adamson is a comprehensive,self-contained manual that will enable a singer to master thepronunciation of Finnish well enough to be able to sing Finnish songs,particularly classical songs composed in the Lied tradition.
Consisting of this manual plus a compact disk, Singing in Finnish covers all significant aspects of Finnish pronunciation. The manualcontains a detailed description of the general principles underlying Finnish pronunciation, a description of each Finnish sound, and awalkthrough of the pronunciation of a short excerpt from a song. Thisis followed by 75 Finnish songs in a selectively narrow phonetictranscription, accompanied by literal translations of each word to helpthe singer understand its emotional charge, and a literary translationof the entire song. The compact disk contains songs sung by nativespeakers of Finnish.

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