The book offers an authentic portrayal of Finnish immigrants’ journey to Canada throughout the decades and provides a rich and unique take on the Finns who settled in the Toronto area. From the first settlers who lived in the Finntown area, through building community halls, establishing bakeries, shops, saunas and congregations, Finnish immigrants have shown true resiliency, determination and perseverance for survival in their new country.
Rich cultural activities shine through unique immigrant stories of Finnish Canadians and their organizations and provide an amazingly beautiful narrative, creating unforgettable and never-before-told stories. The book convincingly explores the challenges and hardships experienced by Finnish immigrants and the author, Irina Ilmokari, has made their impressive success stories come alive. “The book is brilliant and intensely versatile, offering a beautiful palette of color illustrations”, Veli Niinimaa, PhD – Chairman for the FEP – Canada Region.
The book is also a tribute to Finland as a nation and its accomplishments and adaptability in the ever changing and complex world. Finland’s remarkable success in many areas is brought to readers’ attention.  The publication is a part of the Suomi-Finland 100 centennial projects.

Language: English
Soft-covered coffee table book with 210 pages and nearly 400 colour photos.
Size: 21 cm x 28 cm

28,00 €